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  1. Client-Side Only Rendering: If you’re using quill-to-word for client-side features, consider moving the logic that uses it to components that are only rendered on the client side, such as using the useEffect hook with process.browser flag.
  2. Server-Side Implementation: If you need to generate Word documents on the server side, you might need to explore alternative solutions that are compatible with server-side rendering and don’t rely on browser-specific APIs. You might need to manually transform Quill content to Word format on the server.
  3. Contact the Package Maintainer: If the quill-to-word module is not currently compatible with server-side rendering, you could consider reaching out to the package maintainer to inquire about potential updates or solutions for using the module in a server-side rendering environment.

Remember that handling modules that rely on browser-specific APIs in a server-side rendering environment can be challenging, as these modules are designed primarily for browser usage. In some cases, you might need to find or build alternative solutions that are better suited for server-side rendering.

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